The Angel’s Guild

The Angel’s Guild is our new premium wine club. Buy one case of wine, once a year and save 10% + get free delivery to your door.

The Angel’s Guild

    • Save 10% on a case, delivered to your door once a year every August.
    • Unlike most clubs you can customise your wine selection, and you only commit to wines once a year.
    • Free freight for all deliveries.
    • 10% off our wines online, over the phone, or when visiting our Cellar Doors in Coonawarra and Robe, South Australia.
    • Invitations to our exclusive events.
    • Access to Museum wines, unavailable to the public.

Dru’s Dozen (reds)

With a tastes for the newest and best, this is a mix that is full of things you can put down and collect dust, or drink straight away.

  • 1x Family Reserve Ambriel’s Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 1x Family Reserve Ezra’s Shiraz
  • 2x Family Reserve Desolate Soil, Pinot Noir
  • 3x Wanderlust Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 3x Angel’s Peak Shiraz
  • 1x The Golden Orb, Sparkling Shiraz
  • 1x Cape Banks, Pinot Noir

Normally $350
Angel’s Guild Price: $315
+ Free Shipping every August


Nicole’s Dozen (Whites)

These are the whites you know your friends will love when you catch up.

  • 3x The Guardian Angel Sparkling Chardonnay
  • 3x Lucy & Alice, Pinot Gris
  • 2x Angel’s Footprints, Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2x A Song for Alice, Riesling
  • 2x Flower’s for Lucy, Moscato

Normally $250
Angel’s Guild Price: $225
+ Free Shipping every August


The Angel’s Guild Elite

With a swag of awards these wines command a spot in any cellar.

  • 1x The Head Honcho, Cabernet or The Big Guns, Shiraz
  • 3x Family Reserve Ambriel’s Gift Cabernet
  • 3x Family Reserve Ezra’s Gift, Shiraz
  • 3x Desolate Soil, Family Reserve, Pinot Noir
  • 2x The Golden Orb, Sparkling Shiraz

Normally $495
Angel’s Guild Price: $445.50
+ Free Shipping every August


Custom Selection

Pick the mix that floats your boat, and we’ll give you 10% off and free delivery to your door.
Angel’s Guild member save 10%
+ FREE Delivery every August